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Azure Synapse Analytics, Unmatched Time to Insight with this Limitless Analysis Service.

Query petabyte scale, relational, and nonrelational data using the most recent evolution of Azure SQL Data Warehouse. Unmatched time to insight with this limitless analytics service.

Limitlessly combine data integration, enterprise data warehousing, and big data analytics with Azure Synapse Analytics. Freely query data on serverless or dedicated resources at scale and on terms of your choosing. Bring these worlds together with a unified experience to ingest, explore, prepare, manage, serve data for immediate BI and machine-learning needs.

Produce insights from all of your data sources across multiple mediums like data warehouses, big analytics systems quickly and accurately. Query relational and nonrelational data using your voice on a petabyte scale. For important workloads effortlessly optimize your queries performance with intelligent workload management, workload isolation, and limitless concurrency.

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    Utilize Power BI and Azure Machine Learning integrations to get valuable insights from all your data. Enable your Data Analysts to effortlessly add machine learning models to any or all of your intelligent apps without any data movement. Drastically improve the development time on your BI and Machine Learning Projects. Easily apply intelligence over all of your most significant data services then share your data in mere clicks.

    Speed up development time with a unified experience throughout the analytics solutions development.

    Handle your data prep, data management, data exploration, data warehousing, big data and AI tasks all from the Synapse Studio.
    Use a code free environment for managing all your data pipelines.
    Make it easy for your data engineers automate their query optimizations.
    With such simplicity your data scientists can build proof of concepts in no time!
    Using Power BI your Business Analysts can securely access datasets all while using the same analytics service.

    With Azure Synapse Link you gain instant clarity on your business in every moment from your operational systems.

    Get real time insights to your business with a cost effective, cloud based, hybrid, transaction/analytical processing implementation using Synapse Link.
    Easily remove the barrier between your Azure Databases and Synapse Analytics to obtain near real time insights from your live operational data.
    Simplify your pipelines or additionals database compute resources.
    Run your analytics on live data without affecting your operational systems with Azure Synapse.

    Column-level security, Row-level security, data masking and more form a part of the security and privacy features offered Azure Synapse Analytics

    Ensure your data is kept safe with advanced security and privacy features such as automated threat detection and always on encryption.

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