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Azure Data Lake Storage a Highly Scalable and affordable Data Lake Solution

Speed up your time to insights with a highly scalable and affordable data lake solution for big data analytics. Reduce the number of data silos with a single storage platform. Reduce your costs with tiered storage and policy management. Improve your data’s Authenticity using Azure Active Directory and role-based access control. Also, protect data with security features like encryption at rest and advanced threat protection with Azure Data Lake Storage. Unlimited scale and 16 nines of data durability with automatic geo-replication. Super safe with flexible mechanisms for protection throughout data access, encryption, and network-level control. Single storage platform for consuming, processing, and visualizing your data that supports the most common analytics frameworks. Optimized expenses through independent scaling of storage and computation, lifecycle policy management, and object-level tiering.

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    Scale to match your most demanding analytics workloads Meet any requirements with regards to capacity while managing data with ease using the Azure global infrastructure. Operate large analytics queries frequently and at high performances. Utilize flexible security mechanisms Safeguard your data lake with capabilities including encryption, data access, and network-level control – all designed to help you drive insights more securely. Build a scalable foundation for your analytics Ingest data at scale using a wide range of data ingestion tools. Process data using Azure Databricks, Synapse Analytics, or HDInsight. And visualize the data with Microsoft Power BI for transformational insights.

    Build cost-effective data lakes Customize your costs by scaling storage and computing independently – which can’t be done with on-premises data lakes. Tier up or down based on your needs, and take advantage of automated lifecycle management policies for greater optimization.

    Comprehensive security and compliance, built-in
    • Microsoft invests more than One Billion Dollars annually in cybersecurity research, and development.
    • Microsoft also employs more than 3,500 security experts so rest assured, your data is safe!
    • Azure has more qualifications than other cloud providers.

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