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Our Business Intelligence products

Integrate, Analyse and Deploy anywhere.

Azure Synapse Analytics

The newest version Azure SQL Data Warehouse allows you to query both relational and non-relational data at petabyte-scale.
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Power BI

Allows you to can create interactive, immersive reports and dashboards that provide actionable insights and drive business results.
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Azure Data Lake Storage

Speed up your time to insights with this highly scalable and cost-effective data lake solution for big data analytics.
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Azure Data Factory

Construct ETL and ELT processes code-free within the visual environment or write your own code to integrate data silos.
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Azure Databricks

Establish your Apache Spark environment in no time and build AI solutions in an interactive workspace.
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Azure Machine Learning

Microsoft’s Enterprise-grade, machine learning service for building and deploying models faster.
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Azure Data Share

Share your data in mere clicks and enjoy full visibility into your data-sharing relationships through a user-friendly interface.
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Qlik Platform

With the only end-to-end solution for data integration and analytics, Qlik democratizes BI, creating a shared framework of trusted, real-time data, collaborative analysis, and actionable insights. 

Qlik’s architecture and platform strategy lets you create automated data pipelines and securely deliver data analytics at elastic scale.

Integrate, Analyse and Deploy anywhere.


Qlik accelerates the availability of analytics-ready data by automating real-time data movement, refinement, cataloging and publishing. Speed up the entire data journey – uncovering all existing data repositories, creating accessible data sources and making it easy for users to select the data they need.

Easily connect to nearly any data source with an extensive collection of pre-built connectors and access to any source that has ODBC or REST connectivity.


The cornerstone of Qlik’s next generation data analytics platform is Qlik Sense. Combine any number of data sources, no matter how large or complex. Freely explore with interactive selections, global search, and natural language interaction. Discover more with powerful, smart visualizations and AI-generated insights. You’re no longer limited by linear exploration or cumbersome data preparation.


Deploy Qlik on premise or in the cloud, standalone or embedded, with base features or enhanced by extensions, on a product agnostic platform. An extensive set of open APIs supports any integration and data connection scenario. An open and extensible platform ensure that Qlik can work for you within the context of your chosen technology landscape Embedded analytics empowers users by embedding Qlik objects directly into the operational applications and processes that they use every day.

Visualise and Analyse

Qlik Sense ®

Qlik Sense is true self-service, user-centric BI, delivering insightful, visually appealing analytics across users, departments, organisations and disparate geographies.

Create Insights

  • By indexing and understanding every relationship in your data, Qlik Sense allows users to explore freely in any direction. Unlike traditional, query-based BI tools, Qlik’s patented associative data engine brings together all data, and allows true searching and exploration, with no pre-defined queries or pre-aggregated data to hold you back.

Deliver a true analytics agenda

  • Combine data from multiple data sources, easily and seamlessly
  • Create smart visualisations (accelerated by AI) with a drag and drop interface
  • Calculations are done on the fly, with aggregations instantly and intuitively updating all analytics

Augment your analytics

  • Augmented intelligence enhances human intuition throughout Qlik Sense, with suggested insights, automated processes, and natural language interaction.

Support a mobile workforce

  • Qlik Sense stays fully interactive in both online and offline mode, enabling the concept of analytics everywhere.

Build, Extend, Embed

  • Qlik works with a complete set of open APIs which enables true customization and inclusion into any app, project or process, with powerful embedded analytics support.

Scale to your needs

  • Easily combine SaaS, hybrid multi-cloud, and on-premise deployment options with the industry’s only true multi-cloud architecture.

QlikView ®

The modern analytics era truly began with the launch of QlikView, our classic analytics solution, and the game-changing Associative Engine it is built on. It revolutionized the way organizations use data with intuitive visual discovery that put business intelligence in the hands of more people than ever.

QlikView is a rich, guided analytics platform, enabling business driven data discovery for users. Applications are built for a specific purpose or business area, and focused on enabling users to answer questions about their business via a beautiful, compelling, simple point and click interface, that enables data exploration, drill down and sideways navigation.

QlikView is targeted at users who require more standardized, guided analytics, incorporating data from multiple sources, and ensuring centralized control of dashboards, layouts and designs – one set of data and apps for use across the entire organisation.

Enhanced analytics planning and reporting

Corporate Planning

The business intelligence software from Corporate Planning is the integrated solution for operational and strategic management, financial planning and consolidation in the SME sector. In our solution, we provide you with an end-to-end platform on which to plan, analyse and report your business figures. You can rely on intelligent business logic, consider alternative scenarios and intercompany relationships, create forecasts and simulations, analyse trends, and include many different operational budgets in your financial planning. Fulfil a thousand requirements with just one software package.

K4 Analytics

Leverage K4 Analytics and build the missing link between your preferred BI platform and Enterprise Databases, contributing to your Corporate Performance Management.

No more spreadsheet anarchy and finally effortless real-time data consolidation: you will continue to use your Excel models but we will make them dynamically integrated with the data-sources, with the ability of editing the data and saving back on the fly to the central database(s).

Enjoy Smart Data-Entry, master numbers and simulation thanks to rich features such as blocked totals, copy from, allocation drivers… Just add full audit trail, integrated workflow control and real time collaboration, this is K4 Analytics!

Qlik Insight Bot ™

makes AI-powered conversational analytics a reality, allowing you to talk directly to your analytics through familiar messaging tools, such as Skype, Slack and Microsoft Teams.
With each question, the Insight Bot instantly surfaces relevant charts and insights, including key drivers, comparisons, predictions and more. With a self-learning AI which makes the system progressively smarter, Qlik Insight Bot makes insights and analytics accessible to all.

  • Reach more users with the right data, wherever and however they work.
  • Enhance data literacy and data-driven decision-making at all levels.
  • Get more value from data and analytics investments

Qlik NPrinting ®

Qlik NPrinting is an advanced, integrated reporting and distribution solution for the Qlik suite of products. Highly polished, pixel perfect reports can be created and distributed quickly and easily via a simple drag and drop interface, in a variety of formats including MS Powerpoint, Excel, Word and PDF. Reports can be centrally scheduled, generated and delivered through a variety of channels, including a subscription service. Qlik NPrinting has delivered immediate ROI by retiring legacy BI and reporting systems for significant savings.


Get a powerful, scalable solution that integrates and extends the functionality of your preferred Business Intelligence and Analytics platforms. trueChart’s capabilities and benefits come from 5 integrated modules and is designed to help business users easily and quickly get and see the answers they need from complex Business Intelligence data.

Qlik GeoAnalytics ®

Reveals crucial geospatial information, and exposes hidden geographic relationships to make beter location-related decisions. In addition to comprehensive mapping capabilities and easy to use visualization, Qlik GeoAnalytics provides build-in spatial analysis support for a broad range of advanced geoanalytic use cases, to help reveal crucial geospatial information.

Integrate and deploy

Qlik Big Data Index ™

Exploration of big data has traditionally been a major challenge, resulting in the need to pre-aggregate data, and work with subsets that hinder the ability to deliver true insight.

The Qlik Big Data Index brings the power of the Qlik Associative Engine to massive data sets, eliminating intermediate data staging steps, scaling across vendors and technologies , to deliver true analytic capability on big data.

Qlik Replicate ™

(formerly Attunity Replicate) empowers organizations to accelerate data replication, ingestion and streaming across a wide variety of heterogeneous databases, data warehouses, and big data platforms.

Used by hundreds of enterprises worldwide, Qlik Replicate moves your data easily, securely and efficiently with minimal operational impact.

Qlik Data Catalyst ®

Qlik Data Catalyst builds a secure, enterprise-scale catalog of all the data your organization has available for analytics, no matter where it is. Powerful, automated data preparation and metadata tools streamline the transformation of raw data into analytics-ready information assets.

Business users get a single, go-to data marketplace to find, understand, and use any enterprise data source to gain insights.

Qlik Compose ™

Qlik Compose for Data Lakes (formerly Attunity Compose) automates your data pipelines to create analytics-ready data sets. By automating data ingestion, schema creation, and continual updates, organizations realize faster time-to-value from their existing data lake investments.

Qlik Compose for Data Warehouses (formerly Attunity Compose) provides a modern approach by automating and optimizing data warehouse creation and operation. Qlik Compose automates designing the warehouse, generating ETL code, and quickly applying updates, all whilst leveraging best practices and proven design patterns. Qlik Compose for Data Warehouses dramatically reduces the time, cost and risk of BI projects, whether on-premises or in the cloud.

Qlik Connectors ®

Qlik Connectors gathers and combines data from databases, applications, spreadsheets, websites, Big Data lakes and custom sources. Gain extensive insight into your divergent data and enable holistic, data-driven decisions.

  • Connect to data sources such as spreadsheets, XML and Web pages.
  • Extract data from ODBC, OLE DB or REST compliant data sources using Qlik’s built-in connectivity.
  • Get trusted, affordable, ready-to-use data from external sources, whenever you need it.
  • Use Qlik’s portfolio of pre-built application-specific connectors, build your own connector using Qlik technology or visit QlikMarket to see what connectors are available from Qlik partners.

Pomerol Insight is a BI consultancy that provides companies with Business Intelligence solutions and consulting services to enable more informed business decisions.

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