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Your partner on the business intelligence journey

Succeed in a data-rich world

Pomerol Insight is an end-to-end, outcomes-based consultancy that helps you obtain actionable insights from your data, driving your competitive advantage by focusing on your unique business challenges and opportunities, regardless of your organisation’s size or level of maturity in the business intelligence space.

Components of the BI Journey

Our offering

We offer business intelligence solutions and consulting services that enable more informed decisions.
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Business intelligence solutions

Our tool of choice is Qlik. Qlik is a software vendor specialising in self-service data visualisation, executive dashboards, reporting, and complex data transformations and associated governance mechanisms.

Rich Results on Google when people search for 'Qlik'


We partner with our customers on their information journey to deliver tailored services across the information value chain.


We offer classroom-based Qlik training at our offices nationwide.

Qlik solutions

We plan, scope and implement Qlik solutions for a broad range of companies and sectors

Qlik is regularly rated by Gartner as one of the top data visualisation and business intelligence vendors in the market and it is our product of choice. We are committed to our clients and offer maintenance services to ensure that you get the ROI that you are looking for from your Qlik investment.

Global perspective X local insight

Our team of highly experienced Qlik specialists have a proven track record of unlocking the benefits of business intelligence. We have a culture routed in mentorship and guided by a strong value system.


Find out more about what we have made possible

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Qlik Elevated Our Reporting and Financial Analysis

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